YSI class hard at work developing ideas to improve our school environment.


Mr. O’ Brien’s YSI Class have been working hard on their project on ‘ Improving Our School Environment ‘ which focuses on the built environment and the people of the school community. They are looking at 8 different areas of school life which can make St. Anne’s a better and happier place for all.

1. Goalposts: The TY students erected 4 goalposts so that the students can play football at break and lunch.

2. Benches: The students are making benches in Project work Class so that there are more places to sit outside.

3. Tree planting: The students will be planting trees in the New Year to improve the school grounds for everyone and developing a green area at the side of the school for others to enjoy.

4. Canteen: The students are surveying the student body to find out what kind of food services they would like.

5. Outdoor Games: The students hope to develop a games area so that students can play Connect 4, Jenga and Chess outside as well as inside.

6. Zen area: The students are collaborating with others to develop the area near the Chaplain’s Office and Memorial Garden to make it more inviting for others.

7. Flags and Fundraising: There are a group of 5 TY students who raise our National Flag, our Green Flag and Amber Flag each morning and on March 15th will celebrate our school flags and fundraise for Missionvale.

8. Leadership: It is hoped to run a leadership module for TY students in the New Year.

This is an ambitious program and the students have made some good first steps in achieving it. They have gained the support of many to enable them to achieve their plans and are grateful for this assistance. If you think you can help even in some small way to enable the students to bring their plans to fruition they will gladly welcome it.

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