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Art Plan – All work has been discussed in class

1st Years 

       Do an A4 self portrait using pencil. The work must show consideration for detail and the application of value and tone to create form.

       Draw all features(mouth, eyes and nose) using some form of expression

       Research Project – Research an artist that you like that has created a self portrait. This can be a realistic/abstract work of art. Your project must include a photocopy of your selected self portrait artwork, your own drawing of the self portrait(this can be a close up) and 10 lines including the background of the artist and your own opinion of the work.

       Observational drawing – Select a primary source that represents self identity – Draw on an A4 sheet a pencil and colour study of this object.


2nd Years

       Research a poem/ song that you would like to base an illustration and calligraphy project on. You may select the whole song/poem or a couple of lines from it. Make sure what your selection is descriptive so it is easier to create visuals.

       Research – Using Pinterest and google draw/print imagery of examples of sketchbook pages you like – Annotate why you like them and what you possibly might use for your own work. You must explore at least 6 images

       Sketchbook work – Select one/more primary sources to work from that relate to the poem/song. Create 2 A4 creative sketchbook pages exploring the primary source through colour,tone,line,form,shape and pattern. Some of your drawings can be closeups. Remember to draw large and be creative with your choice of mediums and backgrounds in your sketchbooks.

       Don’t forget to annotate your work


3rd Years

       Using you sketchbook make a plan for development sheets 1 and 2 for your clay work – this should include drawings, materials and mediums you will complete in your CBA sketchbook

       Using photocopies of CBA booklet provided fill in sections of feedback etc to be transferred to your booklet when you return.

       Complete research for influence sheet; this must include techniques you will use to make your clay/art piece e.g slab building technique, watercolour background etc, imagery of artists research that has inspired you and any other.


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