Please complete the following work during the school closure.

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3rd Year French: Please access your Class Team for more information

6th Year Irish: Please access your Class Team for more information

1st Year Spanish  (both classes) 

  • pg 152 Learn vocabulary in blue box
  • Pg 153  7.6B + 7.6E
  • Pg 154 Translate
  • Pg 155 7.7A
  • Pg 156 7.7 B And learn subjects Spanish to English AND English to Spanish and be able to say  ” My favourite subject is….because….
  • Pg 157 Fill in sentences at the top of the page
  • Pg 157 (a) to (h) Write questions and answers in copy
  • Pg 158 7.8
  • Pg 160 7.8 (D)
  • Pg 161 7.8 F and G
  • Revise/make out notes on all chapters completed in preparation for Summer Assessment


2nd Year Spanish (both classes) 

  • Learn all 40 questions we prepared for Oral exam in copy when we get back ( Click on the speaker icon in google translate if you are not sure of the pronunciation of a word)
  • Revise all verbs and rules for the present tense of both regular and irregular verbs
  • Revise/make out notes on all chapters from first year book in preparation for Summer Assessment


3rd Year French 

  • Complete second  ( La Chambre de mes reves )and third (Oral option… Ma journee typique a l’ecole- to be sent to me as sound file)  portfolio pieces and send on to me.
  • In the book: Pg 257 Ex 13
  • Pg 258 Ex 8.8 and translate
  • Pg 258 Ex 15
  • Pg 259 Learn mots cles French to English
  • Pg 261 & 262 Ex 16
  • Pg 262 Ex 18
  • Pg 264 Learn mots cles English to French
  • Pg 264 Ex 20
  • Pg 265 Ex 21
  • Pg 266 Read and do Ex 22
  • Pg 267 Ex 23 & 24
  • Pg 268 Ex 25
  • Pg 269 Ex 26
  • Pg 271  Do all of the Resume except D & H

You could also do listening in exam papers or watch something in French


5th Year French (both levels) 

  • Pg 154 B Questions 1-5 ( see previos page for vocab and ideas)
  • Pg 156 Read, look up vocab and translate purple box
  • Pg 157 English questions 1-6
  • Pg 158 Write an answer to Question 4A
  • Pg 160 Read and look up vocab/translate 2 Reponse type
  • Pg 161  Read and look up/translate all
  • Pg 169  English Comprehension questions

Watch or listen to something in French

Higher level (Extra) 

  • Pg 155 C 1
  • Pg 162 Use vocab on page to do a written opinion piece ” L’importance de l’education”


6th Year Irish 

  • Revise all Sraithpictiur ( If you have been absent recently pls note that we have now completed all 20 of the sraithpictiur…. if you need to see whats underlined or meanings ask another student to send you a pictue of them)
  • Work on both preparing and learning all oral topics
  • Revise the stories and poems we have done and try a few past paper questions (If you do not have exam papers go on to

Watch or listen to something in Irish every day for a short period


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