Green Schools is Irelands leading environmental management and award programme, working with secondary schools across the country.

Green Schools is a student-led programme, where students promote long-term and whole-school action for their environment, with involvement of the wider community. The programme is operated and co-ordinated by the Environmental Education Unit of “An Taisce” and supported by Clare and Tipperary County Council.

Green Schools - Empowering our students towards better recycling practices.
"Values & environmental protection go hand in hand! We were thrilled to have Stephen O'Reilly from "An Taisce" "Neat Streets" @neatstreetsire speaking to our students recently on values, waste reduction and circular economy and how it aligns perfectly with our school ethos: Community, Care, Respect, Equality & Excellence! #Greenmindset"
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This event follows on from Karen Foleys from "Greener Clare" recently where she trained 1st., 2nd. and TY students on better environmental practices and circular economy.. #Ethos - Respect & Care 4 our school Community.
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Student-Led Green Schools "Energy" Committee 

1.     Heads of Green Schools Energy 

·         Oversee committee actions and coordinate activities.

·         Liaise with Green Schools Coordinator/s to keep her/him updated.

·         Run Green Schools meetings with the Green Schools Coordinator/s

·         Link with Green School Co-Ordinator's Mr. Hayes and Ms. O'Farrelly to ensure curriculum links are made.

·         Work closely with the Head of Green Schools

·         Keep action plan up to date and ensure up to date version is on green schools

·         Create an agenda for meetings

·         Record and circulate minutes of the Committee meetings.

·         Work closely with the Head of Green Schools

2.     Green Code / Action Day Leadership team 

·         Create a song, rap, poem or slogan for the Energy theme.

·         A competition could be held within the school.

·         Create a video / digital poster / poster of the Green School Code.

·         Display this code on the notice board, web or elsewhere

·         Organise Action Day

3.     Green Schools notice board leadership team 

·         Design a creative theme for the notice board.

·         Display Committee names and photos.

·         Update the notice board regularly to display survey results, recent events and news.

·         Use a ‘fact or image of the week’ system to get other pupils thinking about the environment

4.     Digital and Social Media Leadership team:

·         Look at preparing social media posts on Green Schools Instagram page

·         Develop a Green Schools section on school web page

·         Add links to short videos, posts about the Committee’s progress

5.  Energy Appliance Leadership team:

·         Complete Appliance Checklist - attached

·          Calculate the energy usage of each of the appliances in the school

·          Target appliances using most energy and develop awareness campaigns to reduce the energy consumption of these items

·            Involve other students – create awareness days

6. Energy Heating Auditor Leadership team:

·         Develop questionnaire and survey – see attachment

·         Obtain waste collection data from contractor – look at quantity of waste of heating - link with Analytics team here

·         Conduct audit of school heating system – See Resources Section Energy for details.

·         Map and monitor the wastage in Heating black spot areas

·         Target areas using most energy and develop awareness campaigns to reduce the energy consumption which form part of Action Plan.

·         Analyse time of day this occurs?

·         Involve other students, school management and teachers.

7.     Energy Analytics Leadership team:

·         Analysis of surveys and audits by other teams

·         Presenting findings of surveys / audits to Green Schools committee

·         Prepare material for green school notice board

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