Exciting New Extension and PE Hall with Fitness Suite on the way for St. Anne’s


Fantastic News.  Exciting large new building and PE hall with fitness suite coming to St. Anne’s.

Our Large New Extension will  include the following new  facilities for our students and staff:

  •  8 General Classrooms
  •  A 4th Science Laboratory
  • A 2nd Home Economics Room
  •  A 2nd Engineering Room
  •  A 2nd Computer Room
  •  A Dining Area
  • Toilets
  •  Staff Room
  • Offices
  •  Project Store

 Also includes

    A Full Size PE Hall


◘       Plans are being finalized

◘        Almost prepared to submit a planning application – minimum of

3 months involved

◘        It is hoped that construction will begin in mid to late 2015

◘       Approximately 12 months to complete building

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