In order to ensure a caring and disciplined environment the following structures are in place.

  • Class Directors
  • Year Heads
  • Deputy Principal
  • Principal


In addition, students are supported by:

  • Chaplain: Maintains personal contact with individual students and their parents and organizes retreats and liturgies.


  • Guidance Counsellor: Advises students on career choices and assists pupils in making educational, vocational and personal decisions. The Guidance Counselor also supports and helps pupils who are experiencing difficulty in their lives.


  • Learning Support Teacher: Identifies pupils with special educational needs, assists the Principal with applications for resources, accommodations in State exams and the timetabling of additional support.


Further Supports Include:

  • Mentors: Senior students who have been trained to assist first year pupils in their transition from primary to secondary school.


  • Supervised Study: Is available to all students. It runs from Monday to Friday (inclusive) from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and 6:30pm to 8:30pm. (4 hours per evening)


  • The Student Council: This gives students an opportunity to express themselves and communicate their concerns. The student Council is consulted in areas such as policy development.


  • The School Journal: In addition to being used for recording homework it is a valuable means of communication between home and school. Parents/guardians sign the journal weekly and the class director countersigns it.


  • The ‘Text a Parent’ Facility: This facility has greatly improved communication with parents/guardians. It is used in addition to letters, reports, newsletters, phone calls, parent teacher meetings and other meetings as required.



St. Anne’s Community College Memorial Garden

This was a joint project between the Transition Year Art and Religion class groups. It was completed in 2010.

The Garden is dedicated to the memory of deceased students of St. Anne’s.









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