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St. Anne’s Community College offers a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in these activities regardless of individual ability. Much emphasis is placed on skill development, team building, achieving personal potential, fitness and overall enjoyment.

While catering for individuals is a priority, St. Anne’s teams always strive to be as competitive as possible and have been very successful in recent years, winning amongst others, All-Ireland titles in Badminton and Basketball, Munster titles in Hurling, Camogie and Athletics and Clare School titles in  Hurling and Gaelic Football.

Teachers give freely of their time after school and in some cases combine with specialist outside coaches to deliver safe, constructive and enjoyable training sessions.

Sports catered for include:

Hurling:                      1st year, U15, U16½ & Senior

Gaelic Football:         Clare and Munster Championships

Camogie:                    1st Year and Junior/Intermediate/Senior

Rugby:                        Junior & Senior

Badminton:                U14, U16, U19 boys and girls to All-Ireland level

Basketball:                 1st Years and 2nd Years